Sanitary Napkin Destroyer

We are manufacturer and supplier of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Manufacturer in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The disposal of the Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem. Especially in India the used napkins are thrown to bathroom dustbins as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells and the used napkins are flushed into the drain. Both the above methods of disposing sanitary napkins create problems. The drainage line chock-ups or plumbing line blocking problems occurs and throwing in dustbins results Health related problems due to hazardous contents in the used sanitary napkins. It is a safe and hygienic way to dispose used sanitary napkins in present days. It is not advisable to put sanitary napkins into the toilet since it damages the entire plumbing system which leads to blockage of used Sanitary Napkins.

Additionally, when feminine hygiene products and sanitary napkins are flushed down into the toilet, they can pollute streams and rivers, cause hormonal changes in wild life and enable harmful organisms to enter food chains.

When the used sanitary napkins are thrown on the ground or buried for disposal, it seeps into ground water and then into vegetation and moreover a used sanitary napkin is a seeping poision.

Though they are sanitary when first used, they become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or germs when it comes time to dispose of them.


User friendly

Superior performance

Long service lifee

Electrically operated

It is very compact and easy to operate

Trouble free performance

Trouble free performance

Easy to install


Low maintenanceTemperature and time display [LED]

napkin destroyer supplier in coimbatore


We are one of the Prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer machine in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Our high scale variety of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer machine includes ABM LILLIPUT, Automatic Electrical Sanitary Napkin incinerators, Stainless steel models and Electrical Incinerator for Ladies Toilets. Our Sanitary Napkin Destroyer machines are very cost efficient, easy to Operate and Consumes less Electricity.

Sanitary napkin destroyer in Coimbatore


Our Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines can easily burn the Sanitary Napkins instantly. It is the most powerful, scientific and hygienic way for disposing the used napkins. It is the perfect solution for destroying sanitary napkins and converting it to hygienic ash.

The Units of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer is manufactured to be Automatic with Domestic Electrical Supply. It avoid Corrosion and Looks Good in Finishing. It is the best hygiene way for Sanitary Napkin Disposal in Schools, Colleges, Bus Stops and any Organization. Our Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines are user Friendly and Helps to Avoid Drainage Line Chock-ups and have Very simple & Safe Operation.

napkin destroyer supplier in coimbatore


Napkin Destroyer Manufacturer in Coimbatore


At Present trends, no labors are available for cleaning the disposed sanitary napkins which leads to Hygiene issues and spread the disease in very extent. By using Diaper incinerator or Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines, we can easily evade the various bacteria spreading from normally disposed napkins.

Unawareness of disposing the used sanitary napkins in restrooms leads to the blockage of toilets and involves huge cost in regular maintenance. We can avoid this unhygienic environment in Schools, Colleges, Factories, Mills, IT & Corporate Companies and Large institutions by disposal of used sanitary napkins in convenient way.

Napkin incinerator in tamilnadu


Aadhava Power Industries is the ultimate solution provider to destroy the used sanitary napkins in a hygienic way.
ABM Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines are wall mountable and can be fixed inside the toilet and burns the used sanitary napkins very quickly and completely in a single switch mode. Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines are automated and smalller in size which can be easily operated for burning used sanitary napkins.
It consumes lowest power in its class

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Manufacturers in India


Used Sanitary pads can be easily disposed by Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines. Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machines are User friendly & automated and are designed in such a way that ensures easy disposal as throwing the used Sanitary Napkins into to the bin.

It is easy to operate and burn the used sanitary Napkin at a single simple control Button. It's a Hygienic way to dispose a used Sanitary Napkin by converting it into a hygienic sterile ash. Avoid polluting the earth by throwing the used Sanitary Napkin to landfills and clogging of drainage.

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